Setting up Property Inspect

When you first login to Property Inspect, you’ll arrive at your online Dashboard. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is setup your company profile and add your logo that will show on the cover of your reports. If you have not already done this then by hovering over the 'MY ACCOUNT' link in the top right corner, then click on 'PROFILE'. 


Your contact details including address, telephone number and logo will be displayed on the front cover of all reports by default. 

This screen is pretty much identical for all users of the system, including inspectors and clients. At the minimum, Property Inspect needs your name and email address. 

Other information includes telephone and mobile numbers and your address. If your account is owned by a company, you’ll want to put the business’s address and contact details here, followed by the company name and logo/image. 

You can come here and click on ‘Change my password’ any time to be redirected to this screen, where Property Inspect will ask for a new password, which should be 6 characters long. 

To manage all other account settings like report options, templates, dictionary and pricelists click the Settings button from the top menu.

The menu options and features available will depend on the Plan you signed up for.


The Settings page is divided into a series of tabs: General, Reports, Dictionary, Checklists, Templates, Price Lists and Billing. 


The General settings tab lists several options to activated and deactivate certain features of Property Inspect, including:

  • Enable Pricelists - To store report pricing for each client
  • Enable Invoices - Display an 'Invoice' tab on every Inspection to create printable invoices
  • Enable Transcription - Display Typist assignment options when booking a new inspection
  • Accept and Decline - Choose whether or not Clerks have to login and accept or decline Inspections when they are assigned to them before the conduct date. 
  • Submit for Review - Choose whether or not your Clerks can mark reports complete for clients to view instantly, or wait until a manager has reviewed and approved the report. 
  • Auto-close Inspections - If you want your completed reports to auto-lock after a certain number of days, you can choose this here. 
  • Create Inspections - Allow your clerk's to create their own inspections.


Property Inspect provides many report options to customise including orientation, cover details, photo sizes, notes and disclaimers, etc. 

You can paste in your own default Notes (editable on reports), Disclaimers (shown on all reports) and Declaration (shown on all reports) as well as showing and hiding certain features. 


Your Dictionary will be pre-loaded with common rooms, items, descriptions and conditions for use in the field or using on the online report editor. Terms in your dictionary will be suggested as you type. 

Click to read more about Customising your Dictionary


Click to read more about Setting Up Checklists


Click to read more about Setting Up Pricelists


Click to read more about Setting Up Templates


The Billing section lets you see how much you’re paying each month for Property Inspect, and when your next payment will be taken. Your monthly billing amount is determined by your price plan.

 At any time when logged into Property Inspect you can choose or upgrade or downgrade your account by choosing the new price plan. The price change will take affect the very next billing cycle. You can also cancel your account from here if required.

You're now ready to setup clerks or clients and schedule new Inspections to produce reports!

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