Enabling Tenant Commenting

Tenant comments are a new feature in InventoryBase that allow your tenants to write their comments, notes and feedback directly on web-based reports without the need for scribbling written notes over a printed document.

To enable tenant comments, go to Manage on the top menu and click on the Report tab to view report settings.

Here you'll see an option to 'Allow tenant commenting on reports', change the dropdown to Yes to enable.

Note: Users on the Enterprise plan will be able to choose which specific report types enable tenant comments (ie. on Inventories and Check Ins only).

When this is enabled, your web-based reports will display an additional column beside the condition column on all rooms and items.

Comments can also be added by the Clerk within the mobile & tablet App, by selecting 'Add Action' from the item screen, and setting the selected action to be called 'Tenant Comment' - followed by the comment/description. These will then appear in the Comments column on the report when uploaded.

Comments not removed before a Inspection is fully Closed will be copied through to the next report so that they can be seen by the Clerk at the next inspection.

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