Customizing Actions

With Property Inspect, you can flag items that require a follow-up Action.

Actions consist of three default options:
  • Needs Cleaning
  • Needs Maintenance
  • Needs Replacing
You can also enter a custom label using your device's keyboard.

If you want to permanently change your default Actions, Property Inspect Enterprise provides way to customise them, located on the Actions tab under Settings.

If you're going to regularly use additional actions, or you want to customise what Actions you can select based on the type of report, you can add and remove as necessary using the textbox and checkboxes on the right column.

You and your staff will then be able to select from these Actions in-App, without having to type them in every time:

Uncheck an Action to remove it, type a new one in to the field above and hit Return on your keyboard to add new Actions to the list. You can add up to a maximum of 5 actions per inspection type. 

When you customise your default Actions, you and all of your staff will need to tap 'Update Settings' from the left menu. If you're on a device with a small screen this will be accessible from your Inspections list screen by clicking the button on the top left of the screen.

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